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What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

Last updated on October 18, 2019

What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

Jewellery is one of those things which you keep for life. Whether you gift it to someone or you keep it for you. You know what it means when you buy a piece of jewellery . But what if after all the efforts you put and of all the money you spent you don’t get what you exactly wanted.

In our previous blogs, we have mentioned jewellery selection, choosing an engagement ring, and much more. To support our previous blogs, this blog is focused on a crucial question which many clients put on while they visit us. WHAT SHOULD WE CHOOSE FOR BUYING JEWELLERY– LOCAL STORE OR ONLINE STORE?

After a long run of research and questionnaires, we have concluded to a few points which will surely help you!

1)    Quality – Can you tell the exact quality of a diamond just by looking to the product description provided online? Frankly, I cannot. But yes if you see the same jewellery piece at a local jewellery store than it can make things different. What if I say what they do online is they use a high definition picture and edit it on the level best. I accept some stores tell you every detail of a diamond you buying, but can you examine the cut and designs?

2)    THE TOUCH OF THE JEWELLERY – Keeping the quality of the jewellery aside for a moment, tell me how important is this jewellery piece to you? Will it be a perfect gift for her? Will the touch remind her of you? Sometimes the most trending jewellery piece may not suit her and give her the perfect touch.

3)    Don’t get scammed – When you buy jewellery online you open the doors for people to cheat. Maybe with the quality, or products service or anything. I am not a stereotype, but this is one of the harsh realities of online shopping. So before you buy any jewellery online check not to get scammed.

4)    Personality inclined! – The jewellery you buy either online or through local stores, keep one thing in mind, and whatever you buy must blend in with your personality. Whether it’s a beautiful diamond ring or a heavily embedded rose gold neck piece.

5)    Authentic Jewellery! – There are no laws applied to online shopping yet! That means if you don’t get a product of the same quality you cannot file a complaint. That brings our next point in the listing – authentic jewellery . When you go to a local store, you can ask for the certification or an authentic proof of it. Either the jewellery must be hallmarked or certified from authentic associations approved by GIA (for diamonds) such as DGLA.

6)    Value for money – Me as buyer prefer getting a product from a seller giving me the value for money and I am sure many of you prefer the same. But, do you expect the same when you buy a product from the online stores?

So before you buy any jewellery from online stores think twice, or thrice, or more. And if still, you don’t find a solution, then trust me to go to a

local gold and diamond jewellery store. Find authentic certifications, find a perfect jewellery piece, choose what suits your personality, and you are done!