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Celebrating Dhanteras with Praadis Jewellers

Celebrating Dhanteras with Praadis Jewellers

With the festive season on, Praadis Jewellers offer you the latest designs in gold and diamond jewellery with their chocolatte collection.

Praadis Jewellers have launched their exclusive Dhanteras collection for the ongoing festive season. They offer designs in White Gold, Rose Gold, and Diamond Jewellery across a wide range of products including earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, and pendants. The collection boasts of various nature-inspired and geometrical shape designs. There are more than 4000 unique designs across the whole range of products on their website and jewellery store in Bhopal. Buyers can also customize the jewellery according to their demands.

The term Dhanteras has been coined from two words; Dhan meaning money and Teras signifying the 13th day. Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali and is the 13th Lunar Day according to the month of Hindu calendar. Shopping precious metals during Dhanteras has been a long followed custom since ages. Gold and Diamond Jewellery are the people’s favourite to buy during this auspicious occasion.

Praadis Jewellers has brought new and exciting offers this festive season. Be it Diwali, Dusshera or Dhanteras, they make sure to give the best offers to their customers. For Dhanteras 2018 too, they have come up with new and better deals than ever to make your day worth. With no hidden charges, they offer 100% transparency when it comes to buying jewellery. They are also offering a lifetime exchange of jewellery and are therefore, trustworthy.

What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

What’s your Choice While Buying Jewellery: Local or Online Jewellery Store?

Jewellery is one of those things which you keep for life. Whether you gift it to someone or you keep it for you. You know what it means when you buy a piece of jewellery . But what if after all the efforts you put and of all the money you spent you don’t get what you exactly wanted.

In our previous blogs, we have mentioned jewellery selection, choosing an engagement ring, and much more. To support our previous blogs, this blog is focused on a crucial question which many clients put on while they visit us. WHAT SHOULD WE CHOOSE FOR BUYING JEWELLERY– LOCAL STORE OR ONLINE STORE?

After a long run of research and questionnaires, we have concluded to a few points which will surely help you!

1)    Quality – Can you tell the exact quality of a diamond just by looking to the product description provided online? Frankly, I cannot. But yes if you see the same jewellery piece at a local jewellery store than it can make things different. What if I say what they do online is they use a high definition picture and edit it on the level best. I accept some stores tell you every detail of a diamond you buying, but can you examine the cut and designs?

2)    THE TOUCH OF THE JEWELLERY – Keeping the quality of the jewellery aside for a moment, tell me how important is this jewellery piece to you? Will it be a perfect gift for her? Will the touch remind her of you? Sometimes the most trending jewellery piece may not suit her and give her the perfect touch.

3)    Don’t get scammed – When you buy jewellery online you open the doors for people to cheat. Maybe with the quality, or products service or anything. I am not a stereotype, but this is one of the harsh realities of online shopping. So before you buy any jewellery online check not to get scammed.

4)    Personality inclined! – The jewellery you buy either online or through local stores, keep one thing in mind, and whatever you buy must blend in with your personality. Whether it’s a beautiful diamond ring or a heavily embedded rose gold neck piece.

5)    Authentic Jewellery! – There are no laws applied to online shopping yet! That means if you don’t get a product of the same quality you cannot file a complaint. That brings our next point in the listing – authentic jewellery . When you go to a local store, you can ask for the certification or an authentic proof of it. Either the jewellery must be hallmarked or certified from authentic associations approved by GIA (for diamonds) such as DGLA.

6)    Value for money – Me as buyer prefer getting a product from a seller giving me the value for money and I am sure many of you prefer the same. But, do you expect the same when you buy a product from the online stores?

So before you buy any jewellery from online stores think twice, or thrice, or more. And if still, you don’t find a solution, then trust me to go to a

local gold and diamond jewellery store. Find authentic certifications, find a perfect jewellery piece, choose what suits your personality, and you are done!

Traits of a Diamond!

Traits of a Diamond!

Traits of a Diamond!

We have discussed a lot on deciding the right diamond ring for you. We even explored what things you must keep in mind while buying Jewellery. However, today we will talk about this precious metal. Yes, the reality which usually stays unnoticed from the layman’s eye.

In this blog, we will comprehend the natural face of this metal, natural VS human-made(synthetic). To give you a basic idea about what we are talking today, we’ll start with a decision made by

the Federal Trade Commission. According to FTC, now synthetic or human-made diamonds will also fall into the same category. Although, there are some differentiation like ‘synthetic’ or ‘man-made.’

Human-made diamonds are two different products catering to several markets across the globe. Both of these are significantly different in several ways like physical make-up, growth structure, heritage, value, and rarity!

Natural Diamonds 

These are one of the oldest and exquisite of nature to the human race. They formed deep down the earth surface billions of years ago. They are hard to find and tough to get not only this, the fact of the story is that the “YOUNGEST” to be discovered is a million years old. During our recent research, I read that these are in existence since the time of the Ancient Greeks. according to Greek mythology, cupid’s arrows were dipped in diamonds.

Lab-Grown or Man Made Diamonds

While natural ones take billions of years to form, synthetic diamonds can be produced in factories over a time span of a few weeks. Synthetic ones are usually produced in Asia and surrounding geographies. I have often heard that even gemologists can’t tell the difference between these two kinds. However, with the right equipment, it is possible to notice the difference.

The artificial ones are produced in a set environment limited to machinery and thus they can be produced in countless quantities. Producers of these lab-grown metals have tethered their pricing standards to that of a naturally found one. However, there are exceptions, right!

The line between these two kinds is getting thinner eventually. Many buyers across the world are unsure and misled about what they are buying. The best thing is to have clear knowledge before you make a decision to buy. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has banned a few associations which were found selling artificial metals in the place of natural ones. We usually prefer buying products certified by Diamonds and Gems Lab of America (DGLA).

When you choose a diamond, keep these things in mind and observe carefully what you buy.

Top 10 Reasons Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift for Women

Top 10 Reasons Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift for Women

Have you made her promTop 10 Reasons Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift for Womenises to love her for a thousand years? Have you promised her every breath and heartbeat? Then what are you thinking about? It’s time to gift her something which she can cherish for life. A gift that connects you to her heart, a gift expressing your unconditional love.

Muddled? Don’t worry. All your answers lie within. One thing is a sure shot, at the end of this blog you will know what you need to gift her and what difference it’ll make. A man wisely said,” Woman is the most complicated book to understand and read through.” However, there’s always a key to every door. Jewellery! Yes, that’s the key to a woman heart! Especially the yellow metal and DIAMOND!


When you get her a Jewellery piece, say a diamond ring, she knows what all efforts you must have put into it. May not money, but a heart, a choice, and tons of unconditional love! And I am sure that is enough to sweep her off her feet.


Every piece of Jewellery is designed and crafted with an emotion. Every cut in a diamond expresses the sheer mastery and sends a message to the outside world. Whether you gift her a diamond, a gold ornament, or a gemstone just look for a message. A message that can make her feel your love, no matters if she is thousands of kilometers away.


‘Size doesn’t matter’, this goes perfectly with Jewellery. When you select a Jewellery piece, don’t just look for size. Sometimes a small diamond can shine and glitter more than a long V-shaped necklace. So choose wisely, because what you choose it what you get.


Either a beautifully handcrafted diamond ring or a well-designed rose gold necklace! Everything defines a small part of a person, known as PERSONALITY. Choose a piece of Jewellery which can perfectly mend with her personality and aura. A piece of Jewellery does not just give her a flawless look, but it enhances her looks and makes her look elegant.


An artisan who designs the Jewellery can tell you even a minute detail. He not only crafts it but also adds a tint of love, passion, and elegance. To make it count in her wish list add something which connects to her soul. Personalize your Jewellery, engrave her name, memories, moments, dates, or a simple message of love. I am sure she’ll be impressed.

Don’t’ stop here, think, innovate, and make her fall in love again. Still confused? Don’t worry, start your journey with Praadis Jewellers, a gold and diamond showroom located in the city of lakes. We offer a wide range of customized gold and diamond Jewellery. Our diamond Jewellery is internationally certified by DGLA and gold Jewellery is BIS Hallmarked. If you still feel muddled let us know and we’ll get back with a solution within a click of a finger.

Buy Diamond Jewellery to Enhance Your Look

                      Buy Diamond Jewellery to Enhance Your Look

Buy Diamond Jewellery to Enhance Your Look

Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique.
Jaclyn Smith

Diamonds are truly a way to a woman’s heart. Whether it’s a big bright white diamond or a beautifully cut blue diamond. It always finds a way to a woman’s heart. Right! But I assure you, in this blog, nothing of that sort. It’s all about your attire, how you carry yourself, and which diamond jewellery will suit you the best.

Many of us think a diamond is enough to give us an appealing and exotic look. Maybe not always, but diamonds can do the magic. All you need to do is to choose the right jewellery which suits your personality, your aura, your behaviour. I know you must be thinking “Dude, diamonds don’t talk.” But they do. Trust me they have their language of expressing a better you.


Diamond Jewellery is a perfect way to give yourself a flawless makeover. But it’s not easy especially when you are choosing diamond jewellery. And I am sure you know there’s a very thin line between under and over accessorizing.

So what you need to do is, to buy a jewellery piece that adds value not only to your outfit but also to the entire you. This will connect you to the diamond and blend it with your personality.


When you choose diamond jewellery, keep in mind, it must go with your body frame. Think of buying a ring lose on your finger? Or think of wearing an off jewellery to your outfit? I am sure you got my point. No matter wherever you go or whichever place you visit. Jewellery defines you and your outfits must go accordingly.


Choose a piece of jewellery which slays wherever you go. Whether it’s an official team dinner, a casual house party, a cocktail party on weekends, or a birthday bash. But keep in mind sometimes your jewellery can’t go with all your outfits.

What you need to do at times is, buy different jewellery for different styles of outfits. This will give you versatility and a lot of options to choose from. We have also shared some tips to buy diamonds in one of our blog – DIAMONDS – A WAY TO A WOMAN’S HEART. Read it and if you still have questions doodling your brain. Let our experts solve them.

Most Useful Tips to Find the Best Jewellery Showroom in Bhopal

Most Useful Tips to Find the Best Jewellery Showroom in Bhopal

Most Useful Tips to Find the Best Jewellery Showroom in Bhopal

Wedding season is just round the corner, and I am sure you must be ready with a bucket list. Outfits, accessories, gifts, and what not. But we missed the major part JEWELLERY. You must have planned for a perfectly suitable jewellery for yourself. But do you know where to go for a perfect jewellery? How to search about buying jewellery? Whom to ask? If these questions are bothering you and you are finding your answers then have my word, you are at the right place.

Today in my blog I’ll be telling you some tips and tricks to find the best Jewellery showroom in Bhopal. I really don’t know where to begin from, but one thing I can assure you is that at the end of this blog you will surely know what to choose.


The first and the foremost thing I’ll go for is authenticity, trust, and certified jewellery. Not because it’s important but because it’s a lifetime investment and a memory to keep for life.

When you go about choosing gold and diamond jewellery, try searching for authentic sings such as DGLA and IGI. Ask for authenticity cards, certifications at the jewellery showroom before you make the final call.


It’s important to understand what you buy. What if I tell you I bought a diamond neckpiece for my fiancé and it didn’t go with her neckline? The reality is the jewellery piece should go with the body shape.

Whether it’s too gaudy or too simple, the base rule is that it should give your personality a voice and a new face. Marketing executives in Jewellery showroom may not understand what you want, but you know. Right! So believe in yourself and make a choice worth your personality, then whether its diamond or gold or a gemstone.


Usually, gold and diamond jewellery shopping is transferred from ages and traditions. However, with time things change and so do the market and the market players. Fashion does not flow from a single direction. Don’t rely on the old-fashioned jewellery showrooms, but explore the city and the beauty Jewellery Showrooms in Bhopal have to offer.

As I said earlier, what matters is your personality. Maybe you don’t find the perfect piece of art in one particular shop. DO NOT COMPROMISE. It’s a onetime investment you make for life.


I guess in today’s world it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. Right! Find a jewellery piece which gives a tint of unique looks and get you the attention you always wanted.

We, Praadis Jewellers, a gold and diamond jewellery showroom in Bhopal offers a wide range of unique and authentic gold and DGLA certified diamond jewellery. And believe me, we not only offer jewellery but also trust, purity, and authenticity.

Don’t Just Buy Diamonds – Own Them!



I am sure it’s a hassle to buy diamonds when you are going in for the first time. Even if not, then choosing diamonds is not an easy task! Right! I am dealing in diamonds for years now, and I sometimes feel haphazard choosing the right diamond.

But, to help you go easy with choosing and buying diamonds, I bring you some crucial and mind-blowing facts about diamonds. I am sure this will be a help while you choose your diamond jewellery , regardless of wherever you are located across the globe.

She asked,” How many Carats is it?”

That’s the first question we ask before buying any jewellery piece, isn’t it? In 4C’S OF A DIAMOND, this is the first decisive factor while buying diamonds. And why not, Carat weight plays a crucial role on a diamond’s price.

Carat weight is important also because it decides the size of the diamond you buy. What will you choose to gift your sweetheart? A diamond weighing 2 Carat or 0.50 Carat? Before you spill the beans, I’ll suggest you go for thorough research, who knows you make the best out of it.

I’m in Love with the SHAPE of YOU!

So far, rounds are the most common shape found in diamonds. The shape is the second decisive factor when you go for buying loose diamonds or diamond jewellery . Round shaped diamond is considered to be the best amongst all. However, princess cut, cushion-cut or fancy shaped diamonds are not a bad choice at all.

Above all this what matters is, what she wants. It must go with her personality. Keep in mind, the shape can always vary a diamond’s price.

Cut it out!

Many of you sitting on the other side of the screen must have heard about the above two points! But now what I’ll be talking about is important and art to make a diamond.

The CUT quality makes a tremendous effect on the price of a diamond. But choosing a diamond with a perfect cut is never easy to find. It’s like trick o’ treat. Better be ready!

The Ideal Color!

Do you know a diamond can be of ‘N’ number of colors? They range from D-Z depending on their brightness, dullness, and different colors. D being the brightest is the hardest to find and vice versa. So, higher the brightness, the higher the price of the diamond. And yes COLOR is one of the 4C’s of a diamond. So make sure to have strong research before you take a decision.

Clarity – The Optimal Grade

One of the 4C’s of diamond is Clarity. In an easy language – ‘crystal clear to the naked eye.’ If it’s clean and clear than that, trust me, it’s just going to cost you a big amount with zero returns. What I’ll suggest is to buy a diamond which is clean and transparent and save your money to buy one more.

The Last Chapter – Certification & Authenticity

This is one of the most crucial factors while buying diamonds. What you should avoid are some of the certificates when it comes to buying diamonds such as IGL, EGL, and HRD. However, you can go for certificates such as DGLA and GIA.

I hope this will help you to buy diamonds and make a perfect choice for her. Still, need some information or expert advice before you step up to shop? Don’t worry our Gemology experts are at your service 24*7. Drop us your queries at, and we will revert you within 24 hours.