Engagement Rings – A Bond to Eternity

Engagement Rings – A Bond to Eternity

Engagement or Betrothal is coming together of two different souls into one, and proof of this relationship lies in the engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings had a specific design to show proof of this bond. However, in the changing times, this concept holds invalid. People are ready to invest in different designs, particularly when it comes to women. They have become more concerned about what they wear and ready to explore. So sit back, enjoy your coffee, while we decode these latest trends for you.

Modern-day – Changing Trends

The fashionista world has prompted us to go for distinct designs when it comes to engagement rings. People are changing their opinion when it comes to finding matching designs and are going for bolder looks. For instance, the classic cut diamond engagement ring is back in demand with couples all over. Folks are going for mixed stones in rings with the classic gold and diamond rings taking a back seat. Coloured gems and rings with triple stones with mixed metals have also found their way in jewellery stores and people’s fingers.

Design Trend Changes for Women:

No woman has ever found the perfect engagement ring at the first go. Designers all over have developed rings in so many types to pamper their needs. But, there are a few classic designs that most women still prefer while going for the engagement ring. Designs such as the retro pear-shaped and oval-cut vintage rings are in demand now more than ever. Rose gold and white diamonds with classic oval or round cut are also in popular demand these days.

Design Trend Changes for Men:

Men usually had lesser options compared to women. But this notion has changed for good now as men are also willing to experiment. Still, a few designs remain unchanged over time. Men still look for sharper, masculine angles in ring designs showing a stronger personality. They are usually not eager about the designs; they look for designs which create an appeal. It also explains why most men go for wider, unconventional larger shapes. Rose Gold and Diamond rings are public favourites when it comes to choosing the precious metal.

How to Search for the Perfect Ring Design?

One basic rule you need to follow when you choose an engagement ring is to make sure it reflects you. A ring that doesn’t match your personality will not compliment and make you look dull. Having said that it does no harm to consider multiple metal designs while choosing the perfect ring. If you want a conventional formal design, it’s better to go for pure gold or diamond rings. But, if you are ready to portray a casual look, you can always go for a coloured stone on larger bands.

What Does Praadis Jewellers Provide you?

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