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Don’t Just Buy Diamonds – Own Them!

Last updated on October 18, 2019



I am sure it’s a hassle to buy diamonds when you are going in for the first time. Even if not, then choosing diamonds is not an easy task! Right! I am dealing in diamonds for years now, and I sometimes feel haphazard choosing the right diamond.

But, to help you go easy with choosing and buying diamonds, I bring you some crucial and mind-blowing facts about diamonds. I am sure this will be a help while you choose your diamond jewellery , regardless of wherever you are located across the globe.

She asked,” How many Carats is it?”

That’s the first question we ask before buying any jewellery piece, isn’t it? In 4C’S OF A DIAMOND, this is the first decisive factor while buying diamonds. And why not, Carat weight plays a crucial role on a diamond’s price.

Carat weight is important also because it decides the size of the diamond you buy. What will you choose to gift your sweetheart? A diamond weighing 2 Carat or 0.50 Carat? Before you spill the beans, I’ll suggest you go for thorough research, who knows you make the best out of it.

I’m in Love with the SHAPE of YOU!

So far, rounds are the most common shape found in diamonds. The shape is the second decisive factor when you go for buying loose diamonds or diamond jewellery . Round shaped diamond is considered to be the best amongst all. However, princess cut, cushion-cut or fancy shaped diamonds are not a bad choice at all.

Above all this what matters is, what she wants. It must go with her personality. Keep in mind, the shape can always vary a diamond’s price.

Cut it out!

Many of you sitting on the other side of the screen must have heard about the above two points! But now what I’ll be talking about is important and art to make a diamond.

The CUT quality makes a tremendous effect on the price of a diamond. But choosing a diamond with a perfect cut is never easy to find. It’s like trick o’ treat. Better be ready!

The Ideal Color!

Do you know a diamond can be of ‘N’ number of colors? They range from D-Z depending on their brightness, dullness, and different colors. D being the brightest is the hardest to find and vice versa. So, higher the brightness, the higher the price of the diamond. And yes COLOR is one of the 4C’s of a diamond. So make sure to have strong research before you take a decision.

Clarity – The Optimal Grade

One of the 4C’s of diamond is Clarity. In an easy language – ‘crystal clear to the naked eye.’ If it’s clean and clear than that, trust me, it’s just going to cost you a big amount with zero returns. What I’ll suggest is to buy a diamond which is clean and transparent and save your money to buy one more.

The Last Chapter – Certification & Authenticity

This is one of the most crucial factors while buying diamonds. What you should avoid are some of the certificates when it comes to buying diamonds such as IGL, EGL, and HRD. However, you can go for certificates such as DGLA and GIA.

I hope this will help you to buy diamonds and make a perfect choice for her. Still, need some information or expert advice before you step up to shop? Don’t worry our Gemology experts are at your service 24*7. Drop us your queries at, and we will revert you within 24 hours.

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