Diamonds – A Way to a Woman’s Heart

“A diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular. I’m that diamond.”
– Solange Nicole

Since centuries, diamonds are the symbol of love and affection.  Diving back in the Greek mythology, diamonds were considered as tears of God. The word diamond was originated from a Greek word “adamao” which means “tame” and “subdue”, or possible inflexible and unbreakable.

The Shining Bright History

Diamonds are associated with human history since ages. It is said that the first diamond was found in India around 4000 years back. Later, in the 13th century, gold, pearls, diamonds became a fascinating part of European jewellery. Meanwhile, a law was introduced to save the gemstones for royalty and aristocracy. By the year 1330, Venice was the first city to have a diamond-cutting industry.

In that particular year, diamonds were declared a rare stone until it was discovered again in the late 1870s. A large number of diamonds were found in the South African regions. Due to the abundance of diamond found, the gemstones quickly became a public commodity. Now, diamonds are mined in more than 20 countries.

Diamonds, on a large scale, are considered a symbol of love and commitment. They are not just limited to love and affection but are a sign of status, wealth, beauty, extravagance, and sexual prowess.

Tell me have you ever wondered why diamond rings are widely used for wedding or should I keep it this way, why diamond rings symbolise marriage? The hardness of the diamond resembles the theme of love and union. Moreover, diamonds are not just tough, but they shine and sparkle immensely.

The Shades of the Dark

Colour is one of the most decisive factors in a diamond’s worth. The colour scale ranges from D being utterly colourless to Z being colourless. Completely colourless diamonds are the most expensive and vice versa. Exceptions are everywhere, diamonds with the colour code N, O, P, Q, R are very bright diamonds and can be expensive too.

Diamonds are the closest to heart since ages. It’s been in the human reach from more than 3000 years whether it’s the Pink Star, the Graff Vivid Pink Diamond, or sweet Josephine Pink Diamond.

Diamonds may not be the kind of gemstones, but it surely rules the hearts of millions all over the globe. Whether it’s a promise of eternal love or a proposal for a lifetime, diamonds are the best memories to have.

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